Putting it all together

You know about basics, intonation, sound production - here is how to use all this information to play beautiful music and realize your dreams!


Building a House

Compare learning a piece with building a house:

After planning, you will need a long period where every technical detail is worked out securely.

Painting - and sound colors - come at the end!


Layer Cake

Build your piece in stages to secure all of the right notes at the right time:
  • Memory
  • Intonation
  • Rhythm
  • Sound
Once all of these layers are in place, you can add the icing and put the cherry on top!



For detailed instructions, read:

Stanislawski: An Actor Prepares.


Research the History

Research the history of the composer and of the piece you play.

Use the Internet and public or school Libraries for your research.

Enjoy your musical time travel!


Tempo Charts

Compare how different artists play the same phrase, then pick your own tempo


One Note at a Time

Check as many details as you can think of within the connection between two notes.



Kreisler: Op. 6

Violin, Timothy O'Neill

Sarasate: Caprice Basque

Violin, Natia Mdinaradze

Piano, Skirmante Kezyte