Violin Solos

Level 6

Bach, J.S. Partita in E-Major, BWV 1006
Bach, J.S. Partita in D-minor (without Ciaconna) BWV 1004
Hindemith Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 31, No. 1
Hindemith Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 31, No. 2
Prokofieff Sonata for Solo Violin. Op. 115

Level 7

Bach, J.S. Sonata in G-minor, BWV 1001
Bach, J.S. Partita in B-minor, BWV 1002
Bach, J.S. Sonata in A-minor, BWV 1003

Level 8

Bach, J.S. Ciaconna from Partita in D-minor, BWV 1004
Bach, J.S. Sonata in C-Major, BWV 1005

Level 9

Bartok Sonata for Solo Violin
Ysayë Six Sonatas, Op. 27
Bertold Hummel SUITE for Solo Violin Op. 78

Level 10

Ernst The Last Rose of Summer
Paganini Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento
Paganini God Save the King
Wieniawski Variations on God Save the Queen

Definition of Levels 1 - 4

  1. First position with simple finger patterns
    Bow strokes: legato, detache',
    Simple bow division with whole and half bows

  2. First position with all fingerpatterns
    Double stops with open strings
    Simple harmonics
    Bow strokes: detache', legato, elementary Martele'

  3. First through third position with shifting
    Double stops with two fingers
    Three and Four voice chords
    Bow strokes: detache', legato, martele,' elementary spiccato, elementary sautille,'
    Elementary vibrato on long notes
    Deliberate bow distribution
    Elementary sounding point control

  4. First through Fifth position with shifting
    Smooth and continuous vibrato
    Bow strokes: martele', spiccato, sautille', colle'