Plan Your Practice

You Need:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Fill in your Practice Schedules.
  • Ask your teacher to help set priorities for this week.
    • For daily exercises, scales etc.:
      • Subdivide each exercise or technique into 3 to 10 minute segments.
    • For your repertoire:
      • Decide how long you will practice each piece.
      • Divide the time and piece into managable practice sessions.
      • Determine one priority to work on today for each piece.
        (ex. intonation, shifting, dynamics, etc.)

Step 2: Practice

  • Set the timer for your first planned practice session. Begin practicing. Don't stop until the timer rings.
  • Set the timer for the next practice session and continue to practice.
  • Important: Do not exceed or shorten the time you’ve planned for each exercise. You can make changes on tomorrow’s schedule.
  • Use your metronome! You will develop an impeccable sense of rhythm.

Step 3: Review Your Progress

  • Rest for at least 15 minutes after every hour of practice.
  • Review what you’ve accomplished and write changes for tomorrow.